Valentine’s Day Sale 2019

Valentine's Day Sale 2019

Get this awesome set of Packing Cubes on a special offer. This season of love, we are celebrating by offering a 30% discount code on Our  Packing Cubes revolutionize your trip. Travel Like A Minimalist: To Never Overpack Again

Use the code 30100Love

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I love how light and yet well made and sturdy these bags are. Perfect for organizing drawers and suitcases. It's much easier to find things. Thank you!
Jane Austin

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5 items: 2 COMPRESSION packing cubes, 1 small cube for cables and chargers, 1 shoe bag and 1 Laundry bag help to separate your dirty clothes at the end of the trip. Material: smooth polyester fabric, mesh cloth

large compression cube 37x30x8 cm / 14.5×11.8×3.1 inches, medium compression cube 25x18x10 cm / 9.8x7x3.9 inches, small cube 19x12x7 cm /7.4×4.7×2,7 inches, shoe bag 39×23 cm /15.3×9 inches, sack (26×23 cm/10.2×9 inches)


Use the code: 30100Love

An absolutely awesome product and at very reasonable pricing. Can't thank you enough for this special deal. Thank you!
Jane Austin
fashion blogger

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