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What’s the point of packing travel cubes?

Packing cubes are relatively small containers made of fabric, have a rectangular shape, and they are used for packing clothing. They zip closed and are small enough so that you can fit several ones into a carry-on bag, suitcase, or backpack. With different sizes and shapes, it is possible to find the right packing cubes […]

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Why You Need Packing Cubes

When my husband and I decided to travel the world we researched anything and everything that there was to know about long-term travel. One of the best tips I read and used was the beauty of packing cubes. For those who aren’t familiar, packing cubes are thin, flexible zipper bags that hold anything you want […]

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Our story

You will never believe, but great ideas usually come from something that is essential or a great inconvenience. So you are welcome to get to know the story of My FL brand and full packing cubes reviews.

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