We’re a small business, started by two passionate travelers, with an eye for design and a love for luggage & travel accessories. 
We founded our company in 2017 to satisfy our sentrepreneurial drive.

Being subjected daily to grueling logistical challenges, we decided to create a company whose purpose is to share with the world the liberating feeling of being well organized. We make items for people who never want the road to end. We started with luggage.. Our products have been created and tested to meet all styles of travel.

One day I started a big trip. Everything was ready and arranged properly, as I thought.

Still, after a couple days I noticed that something strange was going on in my bag: all stuff in my bag was misplaced. And it was constantly messed up.
So as a result, my time and energy was wasting for looking for needed items in my luggage bag taking them out and pulling unnecessary ones back. Therefore, I decided to make a great review about packing cube and its creation.

Time goes by and till getting to the destination point I grasped that my over loaded bag was a complete disaster. Mission was impossible: I couldn’t find an item, and clean and dirty clothes were messed up in a very wicked way.

Finally I could not realize which of them are clean and vice versa. I was really missing compression cubes for backpacking (travel). However, it came to me not by chance, but by change.
Moreover, there was one more unpleasant discovery. I suddenly realized that while travelling from one country to another, I had bought similar toiletries just because I had lost them in a mess of my bag.

Puzzled with the situation occurred I started to finding out how to manage and overcome the difficulties. After some time of pondering on the issue, I created Travel Luggage Organizers bags and great performance of luggage cubes for travel was launched.


The main goal was to use the place properly, so travel cubes for packing compression were ideal solution for this. And I got lot of inspiration.


Travel cubes for backpacking are as light as a feather. You won’t be overloaded with them.


Journey is starting when you locked your apartment. Thus, durable packing cubes in backpack are of the highest importance.


 Packing process is as easy as making a cup of tea or coffee. Just enjoy it!

This is how a great idea was born!

I realized that this is something that made the difference and, therefore, worth to be implemented as a business startup, so got ready for talking to my family, finding manufacturers and prospective users of this innovation.

Nowadays we have numerous travelers who are trotting the globe with packing cubes for backpacking.

Our mission is to provide you with the best solutions for successful trips. We aim to make you really happy with the travel cubes for backpacking and other ways of travel activities.

We are striving to get more from life and hope that you too!

Hopefully, you do like my travel cubes review and sincere story on their creation.

Happy travelling and see you at our shop!