We are really thankful to you for asking this tough question. We are striving to make our product affordable to every traveler, so thinking always about two things – quality and price of an item. We are in negotiations with USA factories as to the packing cubes for backpacking home production. However, from the commercial point of view this is not viable, since if the goods are made in US, we would be forced to make the price twice higher than usual. And could lose more than 85% of our customers. In our activity we consider customers’ needs and their expectations as to price and quality balance. Now it has the best blend of it. And if you will have a look at Travel Luggage Organizers bags of famous brands, you will see the 75-150 % prices increase comparing to ours.

And what about iPad carrying? Will it have a proper protection? Sizes are fitting your gadget pretty well, you could see it in our review about packing cube; still you should care about padding like wrapping it in clothes for extra protection at packing cubes in backpack.

For summing up the aforesaid, just want to mention that our cubes will do their best as to secure holding your items together for further easy finding; travel cubes for backpacking will save your energy, time and money as well as the precious space in your backpack or other luggage due to great arrangement and up to 30% compression

Could they collapse while being empty? As soon as these items are ultra ones, they could collapse and take almost no space when they are not in use. As soon as we use the premium fabric and technologies, we give you a guarantee of your satisfaction with the purchase. Otherwise, you will take your money back.

Please kindly note that the medium ones fit perfectly to any suitcase or trunk. And as for the smallest travel cube for backpacking, it is great for toiletries or electronics.

No, you don’t. At the top of compression cubes for backpacking there is a mesh. So these are not bags that works using vacuum.

Using packing cubes for backpacking we aim to organize the luggage space better and in the smartest way. And compression is a pleasant gift of this process. You could expect about 30% more items and clothes to get into your luggage due to the great organizing features. Also, compression is starting just after you zip up a cube while the air is spreading through the mesh

Packing Cubes will certainly help you with clothes compression of around 30%. My family does love using them. With My FL cubes you will get an outstanding quality along with the lightweight features. The fabric is soft, while the mess is the thickest and the softest ones in the market. Moreover, according to travel cubes review you’ll get a highly durable YKK that will be serving your luggage cubes for travel years ahead. Also a life-long warranty is providing to an every piece we are selling

Please be noted that machine wash is fine with them. Still, it would be better to wash it a delicate mode with cool water
My FL organizers bags are ultra and really light weighted. Each one is weighting in approximately 2oz depending on its size. Packing cubes reviews in brief are given below in other FAQs
My FL travel cubes for packing compression are made of polyester 210D which is lightweight and and durable


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