…It all started with an extended travel trip, lasting several months.

What began as a minor inconvenience quickly became as source of stress and frustration each time we moved on to the next stop in our adventure.

Each time we rushed to pack our focus was on catching that flight… not where stuff was going in our bag. The result?

We was constantly wasting time and energy looking for items in our bags, often making a big mess in the process, pulling everything out of our bag and then having to stuff it all back in again, struggling to get it closed. And how to forget about the disaster of going through security checkpoint!?

By the time we reached our destination and it looked like our bags had been packed by a Tasmanian Devil. It was almost impossible to find stuff, all our clothes were creased. Clean clothes were now messed up with dirty. Our bags was just a car wreck!

It only got worse as time passed! We knew I needed to find a solution fast.

So a brainstorming session began. It was important for us that the solution was:


so we was naturally motivated to use it


so we wasn’t weighing down bags we’d be carrying for months


enough to last through the toughest travel scenarios


so packing was no longer such a chore

After being unable to find anything that would satisfy what we wanted, the idea for Packing Cubes was born. We’m pleased that now we have fans Luggage Organizers Packing Cubes all over the world.

We aim to help travelers spend less time packing and more time travelling!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading our story!

Happy shopping!

The Packing Cubes my FL Team